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Southern Louisiana is a magnet for storms.

We get pounded with thunder storms, tropical storms and hurricanes with winds up to 140 miles per hour and faster!

No one knows when the next big storm will hit, but you can be sure it's coming!

Preparing for these certain storms is NOT a luxury. It is an absolute necessity.

That's where Hurricane Shutter Company comes in.

For years Owner Todd Plaisance and his trained staff have been providing what you need against these storms:  Protection! Our shutters also give you the protection you need against vandalism and conserve energy, too!

Here's why you should do business with Hurricane Shutter Company:

  • Knowledgeable. Over 8 years experience in the shutter industry.
  • Experience. We have over 20 years of construction experience. Every job is personally inspected by specialist Todd Plaisance for an exacting fit. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Tough. We have shutters to withstand winds of over 140 miles per hour. And, yes, that happens in Southern Louisiana!
  • Exclusive representative for Alutech United, Inc. Rolling Shutters. This is the ONLY company that manufactures a rolling shutter system for odd shaped and unusual size openings.
  • Selection. We offer the best selection of shutters in the area. We are happy to advise you which one is right for your situation. 
  • We use ALL stainless steel hardware for mounting and installation, to prevent Rust!
  • Warranty. ALL products come with full manufacturer's warranty.
  • Price. We sell the highest quality products at competitive prices. Come see for yourself!

WARNING! Without shutters on your home, office, or camp, storm winds can create enormous pressure and rip your roof off, injuring people inside and destroying the building and its contents. Good shutters are insurance against expensive disaster.

You need a barrier between you and the storm. Hurricane Shutter Company creates that barrier.

Here's what one satisfied customer says, "It's like being in a fort. Everything is so secure, and I feel extremely safe!" Kevin Gros, Consulting & Marine Services, Inc., Larose, LA

Hurricane Shutter Co. LLC
11253 Hwy 308
Larose, LA, 70374
Phone/Fax (985) 693-3223

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